ARAF thanks our panelists Gen Raymond Fihla (APLA) and Thsidiso Mokhoanatse (Black Agenda) for their input at yesterday’s panel discussion on racism in Orlando East, Soweto. We also thank the mobilising team for their door to door engagement, on the issue of racism, with the community around the African Congregational Church in Orlando East.  A reflection of the engagement relating to the panel discussion suggests the following crucial questions which calls for further elaboration by ARAF in the context of its guiding philosophy of liberation being Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanism: Who is the real enemy? What are we fighting for? Can we have real black economic empowerment within a neo colonial, neo liberal political framework? What are the limitations of the white courts as a means to addressing the historical questions?  What do the people do when they have the enemy’s back up against the wall – do they turn it around and negotiate or do they break its back?


Mao Zedong gives the following revolutionary guidance on the first question raised:

“Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This is a question of the first importance for the revolution. The basic reason why all previous revolutionary struggles … achieved so little was their failure to unite with real friends in order to attack real enemies. A revolutionary party is the guide of the masses, and no revolution ever succeeds when the revolutionary party leads them astray. To ensure that we will definitely achieve success in our revolution and will not lead the masses astray, we must pay attention to uniting with our real friends in order to attack our real enemies. To distinguish real friends from real enemies, we must make a general analysis of the economic status of the various classes in … society and of their respective attitudes towards the revolution.” Analysis of the Classes in Chinese Society” (March 1926), Selected Works, Vol. I, p. 13


It must be squarely put that those (like the ANC) who enable the real enemy to oppress and exploit blacks are not the primary enemy.  To this end the ANC is the guardian, the front office manager of the real enemy being the white capitalist settler stock who have in fact stolen our land, labour and the African being. We must however defeat the ANC as it is standing in our way of defeating the real enemy.


The other questions suggested underscores the fact that any action or project without the guiding philosophy of liberation being Black Consciousness and Pan Afrikanism is available to be hijacked by neo liberalism and neo colonialism. To this end principled black unity is indispensable so as to avoid the collective desperation of blacks being sold to the highest bidder of white capital and to this end prevent black interests being squandered into a neo liberal and neo colonial settlement.  ARAF’s role is directly linked to this need.


It must be stated that the suggestion that the FEES MUST FALL campaign and ARAF’s proceedings against FW De Klerk and Adrian Vlok for their crimes against blacks cannot address the issue of racism, since it doesn’t deal with the land question, needs a fuller interrogation as time constraints at the dialogue didn’t allow for this. ARAF says that all the struggles of our people must be linked, by the leading revolutionary agencies, directly to the land question. It is only through the resolution of the land question that racism and all the other questions of struggle can be resolved.


ARAF will be convening an Anti-Racism Summit on 30 April 2016 in Soweto where the main focuses will be on adopting an Anti Racism Manifesto as well as a People’s Law on what racism is.  Further details, including the venue, will be confirmed and published soon. In building momentum towards the Anti-Racism Summit. ARAF has since its launch on 3 February 2016 been expediting self-education programs through public meetings on what Racism is and how to defeat it. Furthermore our aim is to educate  our people  about  the  dangers  of  the  “criminalisation of  Racism”  within neocolonialism; to defend black people against any acts of racism and to support actions and organizations that do not contradict ARAF principles.


ARAF’s next Community Mobilisation Event will be held on Saturday 5 March 2016 at 11h00. Do join us and please bring a friend. Details to follow. BLACK POWER!



DATE: Sunday, 27 February 2016


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