“The major lesson to be taken from the seminar is that there is enough revolutionary muscle, plenty Pan-Afrikan intelligence and Black interest in our communities for collective liberation – meaning; we can DESTROY the current and BUILD the relevant; IF WE WILL. The main question we really need to figure out is; How much are we willing to sacrifice to make our power a unified reality?” Ebukhosini Solutions (Facebook Page, 21 February 2016)

ARAF attended a seminar on history and racism hosted by Ebukhosini Solutions on 20 February 2016 at Constitutional Hill. It must be stated that Ebukhosini Solutions has publicly endorsed ARAF and yesterday it boldly took the anti racism campaign further guided by the principle that blacks can’t be racist and an understanding that the destruction of white supremacy is inextricably linked to the resolution of the historical land question.

The logical revolutionary call from the Ebukhosini Solutions dialogue on racism confirms the need for the principled unity of black people via ARAF as a platform that brings together black people and organizations which are committed to ending Racism by ending White Supremacy. We were reminded of just how racism affects all Black people irrespective of gender, age, language, educational levels, geographic location, class position, religious belief or political affiliation. The general consensus was a correct rejection of the 1994 neo liberal and neo colonial false settlement. It called for a correct historical understanding of White Supremacy as the root cause of the black condition and to this end being materially located in LAND THEFT.

In this context ARAF’s way forward is based on the understanding that the main contradiction in South Africa is between white supremacy and black oppression. We need “Black Solidarity” to liquidate and end white supremacy. As ARAF we recognize that a logical elaboration of the lessons from the Ebukhosini Solutions conference is one that resonates with our message that for racism to be defeated the following three principles must be adhered to:

1. Land return as the only condition towards ending racism.

2. Blacks can’t be racist

3. Anti-racism struggle to be led only by black people.

In furtherance of its campaign against racism ARAF is currently engaged in weekly community educational programmes that seek to clarify racism in preparation for the Anti-Racism Summit scheduled to be held on 30 April 2016 in Soweto.

This coming Saturday, 27 February 2016, ARAF will be hosting a panel discussion on racism in Soweto. Details will follow soon.



DATE: Sunday, 21 February 2016


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