SALUTATIONS to the brave black students of SA’s campuses – TUT, UKZN, UWC, WSU, NWU, UFS, UCT, WITS, SU  et al – who have stood up and said ENOUGH is ENOUGH to the violence of racism they have been forced to endure as normalcy. This suggests that there is a new born faith in the revolutionary possibilities that await blacks which in turn compels this generation not  to take racism on their knees. We are seeing everyday how much more the youth are willing to put everything on the line to stop the violence of white supremacy that has been brought to bear upon them. We have witnessed just how this kind of bold stand is drawing more and more blacks to support it and to join the fight. 
It is the black truth that this white supremacist system has no future for blacks. To this end we need a whole new black centered socialist system which in turn requires nothing less than an actual revolution!

We honor the black students and workers who are standing up against the neo-liberal, neo colonial, white supremacist education system and  way of life. All over the country black students are making history! As campuses like North West University (Mafikeng Campus) go up in revolutionary flames, the struggle is taken that much higher! At the same time black students and workers have to, at every turn, guard against co-option by the anti black ANC aligned organizations  and pseudo revolutionary leaders on campuses. The student struggle is a just and legitimate struggle! It is ultimately one of decolonizing SA and the world. Decolonization by necessity means a complete overthrow of white supremacy and the installation of a fully responsive system through a revolutionary program that locates at its core the return of the stolen land to the black majority as the first step towards ending racism.

The Anti-Racism Action Forum (ARAF) urges black students engaged in this just revolutionary cause for decolonization to keep the following direct questions in mind as you facilitate the way forward: Is SASCO/PYA/ ANC-YL/ NEHAWU not aligned to the ANC? Is it not so that the ANC is in power and legislating to commodify education? Is it not ANC policies that promote the university as a neo colonial and neo liberal institution? Is ANC not making laws to promote labour brokering?  The answer to each of these questions is off-course YES! The next question is: and what do we intend to do about it?

As a guide to organizing our people ARAF boldly calls upon the students to reject the defenders of colonialism – they can never lead the struggle against colonialism!

Furthermore ARAF calls for:

Free Quality Education For Liberation Now!

An End To Outsourcing Now!

Minimum Wage Of R12500 Now In Line With What The Marikana Workers Died For!

Cancellation Of All Student Debt Now!

An End To Police Brutality Now!

Unconditional Dropping Of All Charges In Relation To The Fees Must Fall Campaign.

Unconditional Release Of All Arrested And Detained Persons In Relation To The Fees Must Fall Campaign.

National Shutdown Until Above Demands Are Met!

Principled United Direct Protest Action At All Centres Of Power!



DATE: Thursday, 25 February 2016


ARAF Coordinator and Spokesperson:  Zanele Lwana
Cell: +27 79 486 9087

ARAF Coordinator and  Spokesperson:  Zandi Radebe
Cell: 0782438830
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ARAF Coordinator and Spokesperson: Yerushka Chetty
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